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Here is a good example of a 6 month braces treatment I routinely treat. We can solve the crowding and twisted nature of the teeth very predictably. 6 month braces will place the teeth that show into a more harmonious position so they look straight and even. Once we removed the cosmetic braces we followed up with some tooth whitening to give a great final result.

The dentist's viewpoint

6 month braces allowed us to really enhance this smile by closing a gap and reducing the flare of the front teeth. Once we removed the six month braces, cosmetic bonding improved the shape of the upper front teeth for a more harmonious smile. Do you hide behind your smile? We provide 6 month braces in London and were the first to do so. We would be pleased to see you to discuss your requirements. Our 6 month braces Consultation is Free. By leaving a message on the contact form, we will get back to you right away.

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