Straight Teeth, Without Breaking the Bank

Life Changing Straight Smiles at an Affordable Cost.

Commonly, people come to see us on their first visit and announce  ‘I hate my smile’.  Often the next sentence is ‘I hate dentists’!   But as a dentist who helps people realise their dream of smiling confidently, I get used to these opening remarks. At least they are honest remarks and honesty is applauded.

We know that fear is one reason why people don’t visit the dentist, the other main reason being cost. When it comes to feeling embarrassed about crooked teeth, the solution with 6 Month Smiles will rarely involve traditional drilling of teeth. This helps to reduce anxiety levels because in moving from crooked to straight teeth, injections and drilling are usually not necessary.

Cost is certainly a traditional barrier to dental treatment as often fees would have to be paid in one go. Paying dental fees for root canal therapy or back fillings do not necessarily make you feel good, as there is often little perceived benefit. Although these are challenging economic times, the general public will spend money on feeling good.  At the recent launch of the iPhone 5 in Regent Street 1300 people were queuing outside the doors at 8.00 am compared to 800 people for the previous iPhone 4.  Personally, I am a Blackberry user and understand little about phone technology except making and receiving calls and emails. But I do not imagine  that upgrading from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5 can be classed as a life changing experience.  So why do people make the change, other than to feel good.

People in London can have life changing tooth straightening treatments, using clear cosmetic braces, at an affordable cost. Costs can be as little as £30 per month. See our 6 Month Brace FAQ section to learn more about our affordable monthly plans. It has never been a better time to change your crooked smile.  People who have straight teeth see their self confidence go through the roof! They have improved social and business relationships and no longer hide their smile.

6 Month Brace Consultations are available Monday to Saturday. Call 020 8567 2235 and start your journey towards straight teeth.

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