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There is no doubting that a white toothed smile will beat yellow or stained teeth. But when it comes to having a great smile, shape and position of the teeth is more important than colour.  Twisted and overlapping teeth can spoil a smile, but help is at hand.

Many Adults have traditionally been put off the idea of braces because it takes too long, it often involves extractions and the idea of metal braces is not appealing. But moving teeth into alignment is far healthier than drillling them into shape.

When it comes to orthodontics and braces, many adults are increasingly turning to 6 Month Braces to achieve their straight, white smile. 6 Month braces are clear cosmetic braces for adults and gently move the teeth into a straight position in an average time of only 6 Months. Extractions are rare and the results are great.

If you have crooked or gappy front teeth and you have ruled out traditional brace treatments, you can learn more about 6 month braces from London’s first provider, Dr Nick Simon.

Take a look at some of our case studies in our gallery and see how we change the lives of Londoners who were afraid to smile.

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