Closing Gaps with Dental Braces

Closing gaps with Dental Braces in London

After Dental Braces, by Dr Nick Simon

Londoners who seek treatment to close gaps between their teeth have several options.

Many people are conscious about the spaces between their teeth and don’t like how they look and are seeking ways of closing the gaps

When we see spaces between teeth when we smile, it could be that the reason these spaces exist is because the teeth are on the small side. Or it could be that the teeth are average size, but the size of the jaws are too large. A combination of these two factors can also exist.
Sometimes  permanent adult teeth can fail to develop in the growing child and go missing. This can contribute to spacing as they never reach the mouth since they never formed. This is relatively common in upper second incisors which can also be smaller than  average.

When considering treatment options, we need to assess whether the teeth are too narrow. If this is the case then widening the teeth with composite bonding or porcelain veneers could be a solution.

Dental Braces can also close gaps between teeth. Several examples of closing gaps can be seen in our Before and After Gallery

Both Fixed and Removable braces can close gaps, though fixed braces will be more efficient in moving teeth. When it comes to moving teeth about 1mm of movement per month will be the maximum expected. The most efficient way of moving teeth is to have a light force acting on them all the time. This is the reason that fixed braces are more efficient because they are always working,  compared with removable appliances which can be taken out of the mouth.

Fixed braces can be very discrete with the modern ceramic tooth coloured brackets which are barely noticeable.
If you have  gaps that you would like closed, then your free consultation with Dr Nick Simon is your first step.


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