6 Month Braces London Clinic

Dr Nick Simon is London’s first 6 month brace dentist.
People in London are discovering how they can have straight white teeth in just a few  months.

An increasing number of Londoners are turning to cosmetic brace treatments to give them a great smile

Cosmetic braces are very much in fashion and Ealing Dentist Dr Nick Simon has transformed the smiles of hundreds of people who were unhappy with their smiles because of crowded and overlapping teeth.

The great thing about the cosmetic braces is that they are tooth coloured and are very discrete, almost invisible to others. They also work quickly and gently to straighten crooked teeth or close gaps to give a great smile in less time.

Here is a recent testimonial from a recent 6 month brace client.

“Having recently completed the 6 Month Braces treatment with the fantastic Dr. Simon, I really couldn’t be happier with the results. For years I’ve avoided smiling in pictures and felt horribly self-conscious about my crooked, overlapping teeth – now my teeth look absolutely amazing and I’m so much more confident when talking to people. It really has made such a difference, and I only wish I’d done it earlier. My friends and family were gobsmacked when they saw my new smile – and I still do the occasional double-take when looking in the mirror myself! Everyone at Ealing Dental, including Dr. Simon, is very friendly and welcoming, and it’s a really relaxing, non-stressful environment – definitely worth the journey from the other side of London, where I live! For anyone who wants to improve their smile in a short space of time, with braces that are really unobtrusive (you can barely see them), I would wholeheartedly recommend you book an appointment”.

To see the difference 6 month braces can make, visit our gallery

Free Consultations are available Monday to Saturday by calling 0208 567 2235 or visiting www.straightwhiteteeth-london.co.uk

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