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6 Month Braces London Clinic

Dr Nick Simon is London’s first 6 month brace dentist. People in London are discovering how they can have straight white teeth in just a few  months. An increasing number of Londoners are turning to cosmetic brace treatments to give

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Life Changing 6 Month Braces

Tell me about 6 Month Braces Dr Nick Simon is London’s First 6 Month Brace Dentist and offers Free Consultations to people in London who are unhappy with their crooked or gappy smiles.

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Free Teeth Whitening Draw.

Free Teeth Whitening Christmas Draw on our 6 Month Braces  Facebook Page. Fancy a whiter smile without having to pay for it?    At Straightwhiteteeth- London Facebook Page we hold regular Free Teeth Whitening  Draws and the next one will take

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Straight Teeth, Without Breaking the Bank

Life Changing Straight Smiles at an Affordable Cost. Commonly, people come to see us on their first visit and announce  ‘I hate my smile’.  Often the next sentence is ‘I hate dentists’!   But as a dentist who helps people

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What are the Benefits of Straight Teeth?

Increasing numbers of adults are using braces to straighten their teeth. We discuss the reasons why. Approximately half the number of orthodontic brace treatments in the UK are carried out on adults and especially in the 21 to 36 year

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6 Month Brace Retainers

Retention is the term for keeping the teeth straight after active orthodontic teeth movements have been completed. The 6 Month braces will create a straight alignment for the front teeth that show in an average time of 6 Months. Correct

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What is 6 Month Braces

Common 6 Month Braces questions answered   What is Six Month Braces? Six Month Braces also  known as 6MB is a Cosmetic Tooth Straightening system which focuses on the front  teeth that show. By combining proven orthodontic methods with the

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Six Month Braces. Why we rarely extract teeth.

Teeth are seldom extracted during six month brace treatment. One of the differences between conventional orthodontic treatment and six month braces is the duration of treatment. Conventional treatment will often take 18 months to 3 years  ( or longer )

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From Crooked Teeth to Straight Smiles in only 6 Months

How People in London can enjoy Straight White Teeth with 6 Month Braces Do you feel  uncomfortable about your smile?  Perhaps you dislike having your photo taken or cover your mouth with your hand to hide crooked and overlapping teeth.

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How much does 6 Month Braces Cost

Indicative Pricing for the Six Month Braces Process The 6 Month Brace  treatment is a novel way of treating crowded or crooked teeth in a reasonable time, 6 months on average. This type of tooth  movement is known as Cosmetic

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