6 Month Braces in London. Crooked Teeth become Straight in 6 Months

A Case Study of a typical 6 Month Brace  in London Treatment using Clear Braces.

Being the First dental clinic in London to offer 6 Month Brace treatments, we have changed the lives of many people who felt embarrassed by twisted, crooked and overlapping teeth. We have witnessed at first hand how clear cosmetic braces can quickly and comfortably straighten teeth in an average time of only 6 Months.

Some of our  Adult brace transformations can be seen in our 6 Month Brace  Gallery. The photos in this Blog are typical of the smiles we create on a daily basis for people who live in London who have always wished for straight, white teeth.

Miss K came to see us because she wanted to improve her smile and didn’t like her front teeth which were crooked and overlapping. Her gum line was also uneven.  A 2 or 3 year traditional brace treatment did not appeal to her and so she chose 6 Month Braces to straighten her teeth in less time.  Miss K started her journey with our Free Consultation and found out she was a suitable candidate for clear braces.

We scheduled an appointment to take her imprints from which the clear braces were made. Once fitted, the clear cosmetic braces were very discrete and barely noticeable.  No teeth were removed to make space for alignment of her teeth. In fact this is rarely indicated for 6 Month Braces and patients are drawn to this benefit.

Miss K attended our clinic once a month for 6 months until her teeth were straight. The visits were short and involved no tightening at all!   In a short space of time, a great difference to her smile could be seen  from all angles. The uneven gum line also improved and her smile was in harmony with her lips and face.

Retainers were fitted and review appointments were made. Simple really. Straight Teeth in around 6 Months with Clear, Cosmetic Braces for Adults.

If you would like to learn if you are a suitable candidate for 6 Month Braces, make the call for your Free Consultation. 0208 567 2235.

You could be around 6 Months away from a smile of your dreams.

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