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The Advantages of 6 Month Braces

It is generally accepted that crooked and overlapping teeth are best treated with orthodontic braces. However, adults have 3 main concerns with traditional braces. First, they do not generally want to remain in braces for 2 or 3 years. Secondly, the thought of extractions is not appealing, and thirdly the prospect of a metal mouth can be a put off. Read more ›

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Exceeding Expectations with 6 Month Braces

As the New Year approaches, it’s time to reflect on the past and make plans for the coming year.  We have had the pleasure in transforming crooked smiles for people who have been unhappy with twisted and overlapping teeth, or smiles with gaps. It has been a successful year and the busiest in memory.

On a personal level , it is so satisfying to witness a smile transform over the 6 months whilst wearing  our clear cosmetic braces and the wonderful gain in confidence a great smile can offer.

Read more ›

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6 Month Braces. Straight Teeth in around 6 Months

6 Month Smile braces can straighten your front teeth in around 6 months.

Adults now have a choice when it comes to straightening teeth. In the past, traditional braces involving extractions and 18 month to 2 years of treatment was common place.

Nowadays, people of London can enjoy straight front teeth in months using clear cosmetic braces to gently move teeth into a more harmonious position. The braces are discrete and low force which makes them comfortable. Extractions are very rare and the braces are easy to get on with. Read more ›

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6 Month Braces. Straight teeth in time for your wedding photos

How 6 month  braces can straighten teeth for your big day .

There are so many things to plan for when it comes to weddings. Increasingly people are focussing attention on their smiles and realising that the crooked teeth you have lived with for so long, will be indelibly stamped on the wedding photos. How good would your wedding photos look if your overlapping or gappy teeth were straight and even?

One of the benefits of 6 Month braces is that treatment times are much reduced and can be as little as 4 months. By focussing on the teeth that show, crooked teeth can become straight and greatly enhance a smile. Read more ›

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Straight Teeth in less time. 6 Month Smile Braces. Lifechanging Results.

How people in London can achieve straight teeth with modern cosmetic braces.

At Six Month Smiles in London we help people solve their crooked teeth problems on a daily basis.

One of the things we notice when we meet a prospective client for the first time, is how ashamed they can feel about their smile and lacking in confidence.Yet by the time we remove the braces at the ‘Reveal’, confidence has soared and full smiling becomes natural. Read more ›

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Free Teeth Whitening Draw.

Free Teeth Whitening Christmas Draw on our 6 Month Braces  Facebook Page.

Fancy a whiter smile without having to pay for it?    At Straightwhiteteeth- London Facebook Page we hold regular Free Teeth Whitening  Draws and the next one will take place just before Christmas.

To Enter you simply have to LIKE our Page 

Good luck!


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Straight Teeth for Wedding with 6 Month Braces

Straight worn teeth become straight in a matter of weeks.

People who are getting married will usually have a big list of to do’s.  Often the smile can be initially forgotten until planning is well underway. Fortunately, 6 Month  braces can straighten teeth in an average time of only 6 Months.

This young man attended our London clinic with only 4 months until his wedding. We actually completed his treatment in 13 weeks including whitening.

What a change we made.   Facebook page

For people who have their wedding date planned, please  leave 7-9 months for your clear cosmetic brace treatment since some cases are more complex than others. The earlier we can see you to plan your smile the better.

For a Free consultation call 020 8567 2235  Monday to Saturday.  More Information


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6 Month Braces in London. Crooked Teeth become Straight in 6 Months

A Case Study of a typical 6 Month Brace  in London Treatment using Clear Braces.

Being the First dental clinic in London to offer 6 Month Brace treatments, we have changed the lives of many people who felt embarrassed by twisted, crooked and overlapping teeth. We have witnessed at first hand how clear cosmetic braces can quickly and comfortably straighten teeth in an average time of only 6 Months.

Some of our  Adult brace transformations can be seen in our 6 Month Brace  Gallery. The photos in this Blog are typical of the smiles we create on a daily basis for people who live in London who have always wished for straight, white teeth. Read more ›

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Straight Teeth, Without Breaking the Bank

Life Changing Straight Smiles at an Affordable Cost.

Commonly, people come to see us on their first visit and announce  ‘I hate my smile’.  Often the next sentence is ‘I hate dentists’!   But as a dentist who helps people realise their dream of smiling confidently, I get used to these opening remarks. At least they are honest remarks and honesty is applauded.

We know that fear is one reason why people don’t visit the dentist, the other main reason being cost. When it comes to feeling embarrassed about crooked teeth, the solution with 6 Month Smiles will rarely involve traditional drilling of teeth. This helps to reduce anxiety levels because in moving from crooked to straight teeth, injections and drilling are usually not necessary. Read more ›

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