Straight Teeth – Not Just About Looking Good!

A look at some of the less obvious advantages of having straight teeth.

Whilst most patients who come to our Ealing practice for dental braces probably do so because they are unhappy about the appearance of their teeth, there are actually a number of other advantages to having your teeth straightened. If you have your teeth straightening done in London with us, here are just some of the additional benefits you might expect:


The first benefit is, perhaps, a “spin off” from the aesthetic benefits of having nicer looking teeth. Almost everyone will feel more confident in themselves if they are not concerned that people may be staring at their crooked teeth and confidence can make all the difference when it comes to relationships and even careers.

Using the fast acting braces available at our Ealing practice, means that straighter teeth and hopefully improved confidence, can be achieved in a much shorter period of time.

Healthy Gums

Uneven teeth often means that they overlap or are pressed tightly against each other. When this happens, it can be extremely hard to get between the teeth, even with dental floss, in order to keep the area clean. Failure to clean between the teeth may well to lead to an increase in gingival bacteria in that area which can increase the risk of gum disease.

Less decay

For similar reasons to above, not only your gums, but your teeth too can be attacked by acids and bacteria that have become trapped between the teeth. This may result in the need for dental fillings which can detract from an otherwise attractive smile once your teeth have been straightened.

Fewer bite problems

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‘Invisible’ And Fast Teeth Straightening

How our discreet teeth straightening system offers advantages for our London patients.

It used to be the case that having teeth straightened involved the use of unsightly metal braces. Unfortunately, this often lead to people opting to allow their teeth to become crooked, rather than having these highly visible braces show each time they smiled.

Thankfully, this in no longer the case and there are now modern alternatives for those looking for discreet dental braces in Ealing and beyond.

Faster than ever

The old styled metal braces often had to be worn for long periods of time; very often for a year or more. Through advances in the design of modern orthodontics though, it is now possible to have your teeth straightened in six months; or less in some cases. By focussing solely on the visible teeth, faster straightening can be achieved which gives you a great new smile and one which can be further enhanced with a simple teeth whitening procedure.

Other advantages

As well as the speed at which these braces work; the materials used mean that they are also quite discreet to wear and although they work similarly to traditional braces, the materials used are much less visible. Both the wiring and the brackets which help to reposition the teeth are made from a very fine, tooth coloured material. The combination of these factors means that the braces are much less visible and consequently many of our patients have stated that they felt more confident when wearing them.

Braces for teenagers?

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Keeping Your Six Month Braces Clean

Some useful tips on oral hygiene whilst wearing fast acting braces.

Patients who visit Dr Nick Simon to have their teeth straightened, do so for largely aesthetic reasons, i.e. because they want to look their best and have a great smile.

It should go without saying then, that it is important to take care of your teeth and gums during the time that you are wearing your new braces. Having straight teeth, but with new fillings is not going to give you the smile that you had hoped for!

How then, can our patients help in ensuring that their teeth remain healthy during the short period of time that the braces needed to be worn? Below, we offer a few tips for our fast brace wearers in Ealing and London that should help to ensure that both teeth and gums remain healthy.

New toothbrush

A toothbrush is only as effective as its bristles and unfortunately, many people use a toothbrush for too long a period of time. The fact is that you should change your toothbrush, or electric toothbrush head, approximately every three months. After this, the bristles become soft and worn and are not as efficient at cleaning our teeth and gums as they should be. The start of your treatment time is a good time to invest in a new brush and please don’t forget to change it after three months too!

Interdental cleaning

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The Beauty Of A New Smile In Six Months Or Less

Patients from across London can benefit from this fast acting braces procedure.

Having teeth straightened can be a lengthy process. As you might expect with such a procedure, it’s necessary to do it gently to avoid damage to the teeth and their roots. Inevitably, this means that the treatment can last for well over a year, depending on the severity of the crookedness.

The lengthy time, combined with some of the inconveniences of dental braces, means that many London patients simply put up with crooked and uneven teeth. Unfortunately, this not only detracts from a great smile but can also have an effect on the health of a patient’s mouth; something which we will discuss in a future blog.

Six Month Braces for a great smile!

All is not lost though, and using a modern cosmetic dental procedure known as Six Month Braces, those looking for fast acting treatment in Ealing and beyond, can now have their teeth straightened in six months, or even less. The Six Month Brace system works by focussing purely on the visible six top and bottom teeth and does not correct positioning of those at the rear. For most people, orthodontics is all about an improvement to their smile –  so this system is perfect for them as re-positioning the front “social 6” teeth is faster than moving those at the rear of the mouth.

The braces work on the traditional wire and brackets approach, one that has been shown to be very successful over the years. Unlike traditional braces though, the wires and brackets are not made from harsh looking metal but from finer tooth coloured materials that offer a far more pleasing and discreet appearance.


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6 Month Braces London, Changing Smiles, Changing Lives

Dr Nick Simon is London’s First 6 Month Brace Dentist, and it is 6 years since he brought this revolutionary treatment to the Uk.  Read more ›

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Open Day Saturday 16th November 2013

Straight White Teeth Open Day

Our next open day is Saturday 16th November. To book your free place, call 0208 567 2235 or visit our website

Don’t let crooked teeth spoil your smile.  Learn how cosmetic braces for Adults can change your life.

After 6 Month Braces

After 6 Month Braces

6 Month Braces London Clinic

Dr Nick Simon is London’s first 6 month brace dentist.
People in London are discovering how they can have straight white teeth in just a few  months.

An increasing number of Londoners are turning to cosmetic brace treatments to give them a great smile

Cosmetic braces are very much in fashion and Ealing Dentist Dr Nick Simon has transformed the smiles of hundreds of people who were unhappy with their smiles because of crowded and overlapping teeth.

The great thing about the cosmetic braces is that they are tooth coloured and are very discrete, almost invisible to others. They also work quickly and gently to straighten crooked teeth or close gaps to give a great smile in less time.

Here is a recent testimonial from a recent 6 month brace client.

“Having recently completed the 6 Month Braces treatment with the fantastic Dr. Simon, I really couldn’t be happier with the results. For years I’ve avoided smiling in pictures and felt horribly self-conscious about my crooked, overlapping teeth – now my teeth look absolutely amazing and I’m so much more confident when talking to people. It really has made such a difference, and I only wish I’d done it earlier. My friends and family were gobsmacked when they saw my new smile – and I still do the occasional double-take when looking in the mirror myself! Everyone at Ealing Dental, including Dr. Simon, is very friendly and welcoming, and it’s a really relaxing, non-stressful environment – definitely worth the journey from the other side of London, where I live! For anyone who wants to improve their smile in a short space of time, with braces that are really unobtrusive (you can barely see them), I would wholeheartedly recommend you book an appointment”.

To see the difference 6 month braces can make, visit our gallery

Free Consultations are available Monday to Saturday by calling 0208 567 2235 or visiting

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Straight teeth for Wedding

Dont forget your wedding photos

With your big day looming there is a lot to plan. Have you thought about your smile? We can straighten crooked teeth to give you a dazzling smile in an average time of 6 months with our clear cosmetic braces for Adults.

If you have always wished for straight, white teeth, you will be pleased to know that 6 Month Braces  work quickly and efficiently to gently give you a great smile. We can straighten crooked and twisted teeth , or those which overlap in an average time of just 6 Months. Read more ›

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I want straight white teeth!

London’s First 6 Month Brace Dentist


There is no doubting that a white toothed smile will beat yellow or stained teeth. But when it comes to having a great smile, shape and position of the teeth is more important than colour.  Twisted and overlapping teeth can spoil a smile, but help is at hand. Read more ›

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Life Changing 6 Month Braces

Tell me about 6 Month Braces

Dr Nick Simon is London’s First 6 Month Brace Dentist and offers Free Consultations to people in London who are unhappy with their crooked or gappy smiles. Read more ›

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