Keeping Your Six Month Braces Clean

Some useful tips on oral hygiene whilst wearing fast acting braces.

Patients who visit Dr Nick Simon to have their teeth straightened, do so for largely aesthetic reasons, i.e. because they want to look their best and have a great smile.

It should go without saying then, that it is important to take care of your teeth and gums during the time that you are wearing your new braces. Having straight teeth, but with new fillings is not going to give you the smile that you had hoped for!

How then, can our patients help in ensuring that their teeth remain healthy during the short period of time that the braces needed to be worn? Below, we offer a few tips for our fast brace wearers in Ealing and London that should help to ensure that both teeth and gums remain healthy.

New toothbrush

A toothbrush is only as effective as its bristles and unfortunately, many people use a toothbrush for too long a period of time. The fact is that you should change your toothbrush, or electric toothbrush head, approximately every three months. After this, the bristles become soft and worn and are not as efficient at cleaning our teeth and gums as they should be. The start of your treatment time is a good time to invest in a new brush and please don’t forget to change it after three months too!

Interdental cleaning

It isn’t just your teeth that you should be concerned about as the majority of tooth loss in the UK is caused by gum disease. Keeping your gums clean is relatively straightforward and can prevent the onset of gingivitis or periodontitis. This latter stage of gum disease can attack the bone in which your teeth are held, loosening its grip on them and potentially causing them to become loose or fall out. Both dental floss or interdental brushes are ideal for this purpose, and Dr Simon will advise you how best to use these to help you keep your oral health in good condition whilst wearing your new braces.

Regular checks

Whilst good oral health begins at home, you should not ignore professional dental supervision during your treatment. Not only will this help to ensure that your braces are working as they should, but also enables us to monitor your teeth and gums and allows us to offer advice if there are any potential issues. The advice given above is good general advice for anyone who wishes to have a healthy mouth, but, for six month braces wearers, it is especially important as food and bacteria can become trapped in the wires and brackets. Having a good cleaning regimen helps to eliminate any potential risks to your teeth and helps to create that wonderful smile that you aim to have.

If you are looking for a great new smile in just six months or less, why not contact Dr Nick Simon at Straight White Teeth London on 0208 567 2235 to arrange a consultation.