‘Invisible’ And Fast Teeth Straightening

How our discreet teeth straightening system offers advantages for our London patients.

It used to be the case that having teeth straightened involved the use of unsightly metal braces. Unfortunately, this often lead to people opting to allow their teeth to become crooked, rather than having these highly visible braces show each time they smiled.

Thankfully, this in no longer the case and there are now modern alternatives for those looking for discreet dental braces in Ealing and beyond.

Faster than ever

The old styled metal braces often had to be worn for long periods of time; very often for a year or more. Through advances in the design of modern orthodontics though, it is now possible to have your teeth straightened in six months; or less in some cases. By focussing solely on the visible teeth, faster straightening can be achieved which gives you a great new smile and one which can be further enhanced with a simple teeth whitening procedure.

Other advantages

As well as the speed at which these braces work; the materials used mean that they are also quite discreet to wear and although they work similarly to traditional braces, the materials used are much less visible. Both the wiring and the brackets which help to reposition the teeth are made from a very fine, tooth coloured material. The combination of these factors means that the braces are much less visible and consequently many of our patients have stated that they felt more confident when wearing them.

Braces for teenagers?

A few patients have asked Dr Nick Simon whether these braces are suitable for teenagers. The answer is that they may well be, but, as with all dental treatment, if you are looking for teen braces in London and think that these may be ideal; a thorough examination will be necessary to make sure that you receive the correct treatment for your own particular case. These braces are usually fine for alignment issues with the visible front teeth, but may not be appropriate for more complex problems.

At Straight White Teeth London, we have many year of expertise and experience to help you get the correct treatment to make your teeth look great again. Your treatment always starts with a no obligation initial consultation, and you can book yours by calling our Ealing practice today on 0208 567 2235.