Why Put Up With Crooked Teeth?

Dr Nick Simon explains why you don’t need to….

One of the reasons why many people tend to tolerate their uneven teeth is the thought that, to correct them, they will need to wear unsightly dental braces for a long period of time, with all the discomfort and embarrassment that this approach can bring.

Whilst conventional metal braces are certainly one option, given a choice, it is not one that most people would go for. Here at Straight White Teeth London, we are pleased to offer our patients exactly that choice.

Fast acting braces

Instead of having to wear highly visible braces that are made from metal, we can offer patients modern, near-invisible braces that can straighten your teeth in six months, or even less. The use of modern manufacturing materials means that the wires are finer and the brackets smaller than conventional braces. This helps them to achieve a level of comfort that regular dental braces often can’t. In addition to this, both the wires and brackets are made from tooth-coloured materials that make them almost invisible unless you look really closely. This eliminates one of the main reasons that people typically offer for not having their teeth straightened.

Six Month Braces

Our Six Month Braces are tried and tested and we have fitted them, with great success, for many patients from the London area and beyond. Patients are often surprised at how quickly they actually work. A large part of the reason for this is that they are primarily ‘cosmetic’ braces and act to straighten only those teeth that are visible when we smile. As these front teeth are easier to move than rear teeth, this speeds up the process significantly.

In cases where only minor correction is needed, Six Month Braces can actually straighten teeth in much less time than the average of six months; often just three or four months. We will be able to advise you of the approximate length of time it will take to re-position your teeth during your initial consultation.

Other benefits

As well as having a great looking and even smile upon completion of the orthodontic treatment, you should also find it easier to keep your teeth clean, helping you to avoid problems such as decay and gum disease. Unlike some other orthodontic systems, we rarely have to extract a tooth when using our technique, with this happening only around one in every two hundred cases where a patient’s teeth are very overcrowded. This is just another benefit of the Six Month Braces methodology.

If you would like to discover how we can straighten your teeth both quickly and comfortably, please call Straight White Teeth London today on 0208 5672235.