Straight teeth for Wedding

Dont forget your wedding photos

With your big day looming there is a lot to plan. Have you thought about your smile? We can straighten crooked teeth to give you a dazzling smile in an average time of 6 months with our clear cosmetic braces for Adults.

If you have always wished for straight, white teeth, you will be pleased to know that 6 Month Braces  work quickly and efficiently to gently give you a great smile. We can straighten crooked and twisted teeth , or those which overlap in an average time of just 6 Months.

So you don’t have to be waiting 2 or 3 years, the time taken for traditional braces. Because the 6 Month braces work to correct the front teeth and do not concentrate on the back molars, treatment times are substantially reduced. Even better, is the news we very rarely remove any teeth. Instead of metal braces, the 6 Month braces are tooth coloured and very discrete. More and more adults in London are finding out that 6 Month braces can help produce the smile they have always wanted in 6 short months.

rosser front smile - swtlWe welcome you to take at some of the cases we have treated in our gallery. The results can be life changing and be enjoyed for years after your wedding.

How do you know if you are suitable for the treatment?  We offer free consultations, Monday to Saturday to discuss your requirements and to see if you would make a good candidate for the teeth straightening.  You can contact us and speak to our friendly reception team who can answer your questions and help schedule an appointment for you to visit us.

You can also call us 0208  567 2235 or message us onFacebook

Straight teeth..less time..clear braces.

Best wishes,

Nick Simon


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