Dental Brace Options in Ealing, London

Orthodontic Brace Options are explained.

For People who come to see us to have their teeth straightened in Ealing, a variety of brace appliances are available. Generally, people come to see us to straighten crowded and twisted teeth, or to close gaps.

6 Month Braces

The 6 Month Braces option allows teeth to straighten with tooth coloured fixed appliances that combine speed with braces that are barely visible.
These braces will quickly align crooked teeth and close gaps. They can straighten crooked canines a lot quicker than most other types of appliances and also level a smile with greater control and speed. They are not taken out which means that they work all the time and so they are very efficient at moving teeth. Speech is not affected and you can visit the  6 Month Brace Before and After Gallery.

Clear Aligners / Invisalign

Clear Aligners are removable plastic trays which are seated over the teeth and worn for at least 21 hours a day.  The Aligners are designed by computer which moves your teeth on a special software system and each tray is then worn for 2 weeks and then changed to the next Aligner which the computer has designed.  Treatment is generally slower than fixed braces because the aligners are removed, and so the movement is stop /start.
Aligners are very discrete and have the advantage of no wires and you can clean your teeth easily. Aligners can find rotation movements for twisted teeth more challenging.

Inman Aligner

The Inman is a removable appliance driven by 2 nickel titanium bows which fit in front and behind the teeth to be moved. They can work very quickly, sometimes in a matter of weeks. Since they are removable, it is great for cleaning and dental hygiene. The Inman aligners are larger than Clear Aligners and so it takes a few days to get used to speech, and they work best for straightening the four front teeth only.

Lingual Appliances

These are fixed braces which sit behind the teeth being moved on the inside of your mouth, and so these braces are hidden. They are more complex appliances and generally cost more than the others mentioned but can be a great alternative to fixed braces on the outside. It takes a while to get used to speaking with lingual appliances but hardly anyone will know that you are having your teeth straightened.


Each client is different and there is not one appliance that treats all situations. We offer a free consultation to get to understand what you would like to achieve for your teeth. The different appliances and costings can be best discussed at the consultation.
Dr Nick Simon is London’s First 6 Month Brace dentist.

He has taught other dentists to apply techniques to give their patients a smile they can be proud of. Tel 0208 567 2235