The Beauty Of A New Smile In Six Months Or Less

Patients from across London can benefit from this fast acting braces procedure.

Having teeth straightened can be a lengthy process. As you might expect with such a procedure, it’s necessary to do it gently to avoid damage to the teeth and their roots. Inevitably, this means that the treatment can last for well over a year, depending on the severity of the crookedness.

The lengthy time, combined with some of the inconveniences of dental braces, means that many London patients simply put up with crooked and uneven teeth. Unfortunately, this not only detracts from a great smile but can also have an effect on the health of a patient’s mouth; something which we will discuss in a future blog.

Six Month Braces for a great smile!

All is not lost though, and using a modern cosmetic dental procedure known as Six Month Braces, those looking for fast acting treatment in Ealing and beyond, can now have their teeth straightened in six months, or even less. The Six Month Brace system works by focussing purely on the visible six top and bottom teeth and does not correct positioning of those at the rear. For most people, orthodontics is all about an improvement to their smile –  so this system is perfect for them as re-positioning the front “social 6” teeth is faster than moving those at the rear of the mouth.

The braces work on the traditional wire and brackets approach, one that has been shown to be very successful over the years. Unlike traditional braces though, the wires and brackets are not made from harsh looking metal but from finer tooth coloured materials that offer a far more pleasing and discreet appearance.


It is important that good oral health is maintained whilst wearing braces. Food can become trapped in the wiring and care needs to be taken to keep the teeth and gums clean. Regular dental checks at our Ealing practice are also recommended and will also enable us to monitor your progress. It should be noted that, whilst the braces are known as the Six Month Braces, this is based on the average time that they take to work. Less severe cases may take as little as half of that time to straighten the patient’s teeth – in all cases, the expected duration of the treatment will be discussed with you at your consultation.

So, if you are unhappy with your uneven teeth and are interested in one of the most popular and fastest acting teeth straightening procedures in London, why not call Straight White Teeth London today on 0208 567 2235. Our Ealing dentists are always happy to help guide you on the path to great looking teeth!