A New Smile To Be Proud Of

Having teeth straightened at our Ealing practice with 6 Month Braces can really boost your confidence!

Confidence can be an important factor in being successful. This applies to many areas of our life, whether relationships, career, or any area of our life in which we wish to succeed. Whilst other factors, such as skills and experience are also important in our work for example, it is surprising how far an attractive, friendly smile can take you.

Studies have shown that people are attracted to a warm smile, and having attractive even teeth will certainly make you more confident about revealing yours. Dr Nick Simon, at his Ealing dental practice, has straightened the teeth of many patients with great success, using a procedure that takes just six months on average; much less than some orthodontic methods.

Cosmetic improvements

Whilst many orthodontic appliances focus on straightening all teeth, including the less visible rear teeth, the six month brace system used by Dr Simon focuses just on those teeth that we reveal when we smile. By doing so, teeth can be straightened in six months, or even less where the problem is relatively minor. In addition to the short period of time that it takes to straighten the teeth, the orthodontic system uses almost invisible wiring and brackets to re-position your teeth, meaning that many people may not even notice that you are wearing braces.

Caring for your teeth

Due to the wires and brackets used in this system, it is possible that food particles and bacteria can become trapped. It is, therefore, very important that you look after your teeth with diligent cleaning during the straightening process. You will be given full advice about the best way to do this during your consultation at our Ealing dental practice and we are always available should you have any concerns or questions.

Although cleaning your teeth during this process may prove a little trickier than normal, the bonus is that, once your teeth are straight, they will be easier to clean, especially between the teeth where many dental problems originate.

A whiter smile

Whilst having an attractive set of even teeth is likely to boost your confidence, it is also worth considering having a teeth whitening procedure once your teeth are nice and even. This will draw attention to your new smile, and, we feel, will give you a real boost in confidence in all areas of your life.

So if you are unhappy with how your teeth look, and would like your crooked teeth to be straight again, why not arrange an appointment to see Dr Nick Simon to discuss how we can achieve this for you using our fast-acting braces system?

You can reach us by calling ‘Straight White Teeth London’ today on 0208 5672235.