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Dental Brace Options in Ealing, London

Orthodontic Brace Options are explained. For People who come to see us to have their teeth straightened in Ealing, a variety of brace appliances are available. Generally, people come to see us to straighten crowded and twisted teeth, or to close

6 Month Braces London, Changing Smiles, Changing Lives

Dr Nick Simon is London’s First 6 Month Brace Dentist, and it is 6 years since he brought this revolutionary treatment to the Uk. 

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Straight teeth for Wedding

Dont forget your wedding photos With your big day looming there is a lot to plan. Have you thought about your smile? We can straighten crooked teeth to give you a dazzling smile in an average time of 6 months

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Exceeding Expectations with 6 Month Braces

As the New Year approaches, it’s time to reflect on the past and make plans for the coming year.  We have had the pleasure in transforming crooked smiles for people who have been unhappy with twisted and overlapping teeth, or

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6 Month Braces. Straight Teeth in around 6 Months

6 Month Smile braces can straighten your front teeth in around 6 months. Adults now have a choice when it comes to straightening teeth. In the past, traditional braces involving extractions and 18 month to 2 years of treatment was

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Straight Teeth in less time. 6 Month Smile Braces. Lifechanging Results.

How people in London can achieve straight teeth with modern cosmetic braces. At Six Month Smiles in London we help people solve their crooked teeth problems on a daily basis. One of the things we notice when we meet a

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What are the Benefits of Straight Teeth?

Increasing numbers of adults are using braces to straighten their teeth. We discuss the reasons why. Approximately half the number of orthodontic brace treatments in the UK are carried out on adults and especially in the 21 to 36 year

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How much does 6 Month Braces Cost

Indicative Pricing for the Six Month Braces Process The 6 Month Brace  treatment is a novel way of treating crowded or crooked teeth in a reasonable time, 6 months on average. This type of tooth  movement is known as Cosmetic

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