Straight Teeth – Not Just About Looking Good!

A look at some of the less obvious advantages of having straight teeth.

Whilst most patients who come to our Ealing practice for dental braces probably do so because they are unhappy about the appearance of their teeth, there are actually a number of other advantages to having your teeth straightened. If you have your teeth straightening done in London with us, here are just some of the additional benefits you might expect:


The first benefit is, perhaps, a “spin off” from the aesthetic benefits of having nicer looking teeth. Almost everyone will feel more confident in themselves if they are not concerned that people may be staring at their crooked teeth and confidence can make all the difference when it comes to relationships and even careers.

Using the fast acting braces available at our Ealing practice, means that straighter teeth and hopefully improved confidence, can be achieved in a much shorter period of time.

Healthy Gums

Uneven teeth often means that they overlap or are pressed tightly against each other. When this happens, it can be extremely hard to get between the teeth, even with dental floss, in order to keep the area clean. Failure to clean between the teeth may well to lead to an increase in gingival bacteria in that area which can increase the risk of gum disease.

Less decay

For similar reasons to above, not only your gums, but your teeth too can be attacked by acids and bacteria that have become trapped between the teeth. This may result in the need for dental fillings which can detract from an otherwise attractive smile once your teeth have been straightened.

Fewer bite problems

When teeth are uneven, often, so is the person’s bite. This can place uneven pressure on the teeth and can result in them becoming even more crooked over time. Other problems which can occur from an uneven bite are a slightly higher risk of damaging a tooth, especially if they protrude, and also jaw problems such as TMJ.

At Straight White Teeth London, Dr Nick Simon has many years of experience in using modern, discreet braces to correct patients’ misaligned teeth, provide a much more appealing smile and, hopefully, improved confidence to enhance their overall feeling of well-being.

For more information about where to have your fast acting braces fitted in London, please call us today on 0208 567 2235.