A Great Smile For Next Summer

Planning ahead to look your best for your summer holidays

Although everybody’s attention is currently on the Christmas festivities ahead, it won’t be long before they are over and we are into the new year when many of us will be turning our thoughts to where we are going for our summer holidays.

The allure of a warm climate is especially appealing in the grey of a British January and is a good time to start to plan ahead. Once a destination is decided, the planning can start .. perhaps including an attempt to learn some of the language, but also, for many people, how they can look at their best by the time the holiday comes around.

A great smile

Whilst many people will head to the gym or tanning salons, it is also a good time to consider having your teeth straightened. As a teeth straightening procedure is a gradual process and the earlier that you consider this, the better. At Straight White Teeth London, we have a range of orthodontic systems which allow us to straighten your teeth in just six months, or even less. These cosmetic braces work by focussing on the visible front teeth only, rather than the rear teeth which are harder to move and therefore take longer.

Dr Nick Simon has many years experience of creating a great smile for patients using these revolutionary modern braces – and the added benefit is that they usually don’t require extractions to work!

Early planning

The sooner a consultation is arranged at our West Ealing dental practice, the sooner your treatment can start, and therefore be completed in time for your holiday. In some instances, your teeth may even require less than six months for the braces to work, so having your consultation as soon as possible will enable us to advise you of timescales and allow you to plan your holiday accordingly.

Holidays can linger in our memories throughout our lives and looking through photographs reminds us of those happy times. There is nothing better than seeing a happy and great looking smile in our photographs to remind us what a fantastic holiday it was. However, as they say, photographs never lie, and a crooked smile and dull teeth can also stand out for all the wrong reasons too.

If you are looking for fast working braces in London to have a great smile in time for your summer holiday, then you have come to the right place. Our friendly team will take care of you from the moment that you walk into our West London practice, and Dr Nick Simon will discuss your requirements with you and advise a timescale and treatment plan.

To assist you financially on your journey to a great new smile, we offer the option to spread payments from between twelve and sixty months with one of our finance packages.

Your new smile experience can start now! Simply pick up the phone and call Straight White Teeth London today on 0208 567 2235 to arrange your consultation.