Do You Feel Uncomfortable About Smiling?

Dr Nick Simon discusses reasons why you should consider orthodontic treatment.

When you first meet someone new, what is the first thing that you notice about them? At a distance it may be their clothes, but, once close up, it is almost certain that the first thing you will look at is their smile.

Whilst language and other aspects of culture may change around the world, a smile means the same thing everywhere. Being greeted with a warm and sincere smile is a sign that the person is friendly and welcoming and invites conversation, and, potentially, a future friendship or good working relationship.

A crooked smile

Whilst we may wish to offer a warm and friendly smile when we meet new people, if our teeth are crooked and uneven, we may feel embarrassed about how our smile looks and may even avoid social situations to avoid having to do so. Over the years, by avoiding these situations, we may miss out on many opportunities that could change our life for the better.

This does not have to be the case, and whilst many adults are understandably reluctant to wear corrective dental braces for two or three years in order to straighten their teeth, a system available at Straight White Teeth London is now able to achieve the same visual results in six months or even less.

Braces with quick results

By focussing only on the teeth that are visible when we smile, Six Month Braces offer a way of having a great smile in just a few months. Although this system does use wires and brackets, as traditional braces do, these are made from very fine tooth coloured materials that are almost invisible. Most of our West Ealing and wider London patients find these new orthodontics to be comfortable to wear although there may be some minor discomfort during the first week or so whilst you become accustomed to them.

You will be monitored during the time that you wear the braces and any adjustments needed during the period can be done during routine checks on your progress. Once completed, some patients also opt to have their teeth whitened to make the most of their new even, straight teeth.

Getting started is simple! All that you need to do is to make an appointment for a no obligation consultation with Dr Nick Simon at our West Ealing dental practice. We will discuss the procedure and what to expect as well as discussing the best payment plan for you to help you to spread the cost of the procedure.

To take your first steps on the path to having a beautiful new smile, simply call Straight White Teeth London on 0208 567 2235. We’re looking forward to helping you!