Gentle Teeth Straightening in London

Gentler braces for comfortable, straighter teeth.

Many people’s reluctance to wear dental braces lies in the ‘visibility’ factor; however as we have mentioned in previous posts, the Six Month Braces that we use are made using tooth-coloured materials which makes the braces barely noticeable. The other concern that some people have is that their braces may feel uncomfortable, so we will try to address this in today’s blog.

There is good news for anyone seeking to have six month braces in London. These modern orthodontics are not only designed to be very discreet, but they also use a comfortably low but effective force to move the teeth into position. This constant, low pressure on the teeth encourages them to move towards the desired position with the minimum risk of discomfort or damage to the teeth.

Dr Nick Simon

Dr Nick Simon of Straight White Teeth London, is very experienced in fitting this popular dental brace and was the very first dentist in London to offer them. His experience means that you can be assured of only the best treatment when you become a patient of our West Ealing Dental Practice. We will always take the time to discuss with our patients what their aims are and of course we are happy to answer any questions that they may have.

Initial fitting

Your Six Month Braces are produced individually for you from impressions that we take of your mouth – this ensures that the fit is as comfortable and effective as possible. There may be some initial minor discomfort when they are first fitted, as you would expect with anything worn in the mouth, but any minor discomfort should soon go and many patients report that they forget that they are wearing their new braces after a while.

Ongoing care

Naturally, once you have had your braces fitted by Dr Nick Simon, it is important that you care for your teeth and gums effectively. Because food can become trapped in the wiring, it is important that you clean your teeth well in order to avoid dental decay or gum disease. This is not difficult to do and you will be given full instructions as how best to achieve this.

You do not need to change your current dentist if you are happy with your routine dental care; we can fit your new braces and then refer you back to your local practice, only intervening where necessary whilst your teeth are being straightened.

Planning your new smile

Taking the first step to having an attractive smile is straightforward. All you need to do is call Straight White Teeth London on 0208 567 2235 and we will arrange an initial consultation at a convenient time for you. If your smile is letting you down perhaps because of crowded, twisted or gappy smiles, then we would love to meet you at your free consultation is complete, and outline your options for a  beautiful smile!