Smile like the Celebrities!

Have you ever wondered why celebrities have great smiles?

As ‘mere mortals’ we are sometimes perhaps just a little jealous of how celebrities always seem to have great looking teeth.

With just a few exceptions, it is true to say that most film stars and other celebrities seem to have that ‘Hollywood Smile’.

The reality, of course, is that these smile do not happen naturally in most cases, and a lot of work will have gone into creating the smiles that you see on TV and the big screen.

A little history

Cosmetic dentistry originated largely because of Hollywood. Imagine the old Hollywood stars, most of whom then also smoked, and quite possibly very heavily, being filmed for a close up where they have to smile. This created a problem as, in many cases, this simply magnified very crooked and stained teeth….. not a great look. Whilst some of the treatments used to rectify this problem were perhaps a little crude, it did open the way for dental professionals to work towards more sophisticated cosmetic dental treatments, which is where we are today.

Even teeth

Perhaps one area which has most greatly improved over time is that of orthodontics – or braces. Going back to the early days, it is likely that actors and actresses had to wear highly visible dental braces for a long time which could restrict their availability for work, or at least necessitate the need for a ‘smile double’.

Modern orthodontics though are much more discreet and here at Straight White Teeth London, we can achieve an even smile in just six months or less; actually much shorter than some other types of braces. This is done by using ‘6 Month Braces’ which work by focusing on the top and bottom six visible teeth. These teeth are much easier to reposition as they are single rooted, unlike rear teeth which have two roots and are more firmly embedded in the jaw.

Whilst this orthodontic system does use wires and brackets in a similar manner to conventional braces, these are made from fine materials which are tooth coloured to blend in with your natural teeth. Most people will not even notice that you are wearing them.

Comfort and convenience

It is only natural that all orthodontics will feel a little uncomfortable at first as they are alien to your mouth. The lighter materials used though, means that patients soon become accustomed to this new sensation and tend not to notice them after a few days. Unlike some orthodontics, it is unusual to need to extract any teeth in order to fit your braces and achieve your new smile. In fact, we have only needed to extract teeth in one out of every two hundred patients to date.

After approximately six months (it may be shorter depending on the severity of your uneven teeth), the 6 month braces can be removed and you will be left with a great new smile. Many patients then also opt to have their teeth whitened in order to make them really stand out from the crowd.

If you are unhappy with your uneven teeth and would like to have a celebrity smile, why not arrange a free consultation with Dr Nick Simon who will discuss the treatment and what you can expect from it.

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