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Why Put Up With Crooked Teeth?

Dr Nick Simon explains why you don’t need to…. One of the reasons why many people tend to tolerate their uneven teeth is the thought that, to correct them, they will need to wear unsightly dental braces for a long

Gentle Teeth Straightening in London

Gentler braces for comfortable, straighter teeth. Many people’s reluctance to wear dental braces lies in the ‘visibility’ factor; however as we have mentioned in previous posts, the Six Month Braces that we use are made using tooth-coloured materials which makes

A New Smile To Be Proud Of

Having teeth straightened at our Ealing practice with 6 Month Braces can really boost your confidence! Confidence can be an important factor in being successful. This applies to many areas of our life, whether relationships, career, or any area of

Do You Feel Uncomfortable About Smiling?

Dr Nick Simon discusses reasons why you should consider orthodontic treatment. When you first meet someone new, what is the first thing that you notice about them? At a distance it may be their clothes, but, once close up, it

Smile like the Celebrities!

Have you ever wondered why celebrities have great smiles? As ‘mere mortals’ we are sometimes perhaps just a little jealous of how celebrities always seem to have great looking teeth. With just a few exceptions, it is true to say

Aftercare Of Your New Straight Teeth

Investing a little time in your new smile is well worthwhile! At Straight White Teeth London, we offer patients an excellent method of achieving beautiful, even teeth in a short period of time. Whilst some orthodontic systems can take over

Straighter Teeth Without Extractions

Pain-Free Treatment At Straight White Teeth London! Whilst there are many people who would like to have straighter teeth; a number of factors may well deter them from doing so. Unsightly braces, long treatment periods and potential extractions to achieve

A Great Smile For Next Summer

Planning ahead to look your best for your summer holidays Although everybody’s attention is currently on the Christmas festivities ahead, it won’t be long before they are over and we are into the new year when many of us will

Straight Teeth – Not Just About Looking Good!

A look at some of the less obvious advantages of having straight teeth. Whilst most patients who come to our Ealing practice for dental braces probably do so because they are unhappy about the appearance of their teeth, there are