What is 6 Month Braces

Common 6 Month Braces questions answered


What is Six Month Braces?

Six Month Braces also  known as 6MB is a Cosmetic Tooth Straightening system which focuses on the front  teeth that show. By combining proven orthodontic methods with the latest materials and forward thinking design, treatment times can be reduced to  as little as 4 to 6 months.

The 6MB system  neatly  addresses  the 2 major objections many adults have  with traditional braces. Firstly, the six month braces are tooth coloured and very discrete. Secondly, the six month braces will complete most treatments in around 6 months instead of 2 or 3 years  with conventional  orthodontic  braces.


Why Our Clinic?

Dr Simon is  the First dentist in London to offer  this treatment and teaches cosmetic braces with Cfast a Uk company www.cfastresults.co.uk

Dr Simon combines experience with affordability. The photographs we use in our Six Month Brace gallery are all unique and reveal the types of smiles we create on a daily basis having been personally treated and photographed. We do not use the same stock photographs you will see on other websites.

All our clients are treated with personalised care and attention to detail. We offer Free Consultations and are open Monday to Saturday.


Is Six Month Braces suitable for me?

The Six Month Braces  has been designed for Adults that do not wish to undergo a course of traditional braces. We recognise that a 2 or 3 year course of conventional treatment can produce a near perfect result and would be our first choice. Yet increasingly we are finding that Adults do not wish to spend so long in braces and are more cosmetically focussed. We offer straight teeth in less time using discrete braces for Adults.

To determine suitability for treatment we offer Free Consultations. Please call to arrange your first visit towards straight teeth by calling 020 8567 2235.


What are the problems Six Month Braces Can Treat?

. Crowded Teeth – Teeth which are twisted or overlapping

.Spaces                  _  Spaces between teeth.

.High Canines      _  Fang like Canines which may be high in the gum.

.Open Bites           _  Teeth do not meet when you bite, especially at the front.

.Deep Bites            _  You cannot see your lower teeth when you bite.

.Overjet                 _  Upper front teeth stick out.

What are the Advantages of Six Month Braces ?  


.Discreet tooth coloured braces are barely visible.

.Short treatment times, just 6 months on average

.Affordable, Safe and Effective

.Conservative treatment, fewer extractions and less drilling

.Low force system works gently to move teeth.


How do I Get Started?

We  offer Free Consultations with Dr Simon to determine if you are suitable for treatment. Simply call 020 8567 2235 and arrange a visit. We look forward to meeting you.

Your journey begins at the Initial Consultation visit. Come in to see us and tell us your main concerns. We will let you know if you’re a candidate for 6 Month Braces  and answer all your questions. We will offer you a predicted time schedule for your treatment and also a quotation.


Is the Treatment painful?

The Six Month Brace system uses very low forces to gently guide your teeth into a more harmonious position.  As will all orthodontic braces there may be some initial discomfort which subsides quickly.


Will I need an extraction?

We seldom extract teeth and this is one of the differences between Six Month braces and conventional treatment.  For crowded and overlapping smiles we schedule an extraction for only one in twenty treatments. In those cases crowding is usually severe.


Will I need to wear a retainer?

A: Yes, all  tooth straightening treatments require retainers. We want you to continue enjoying your new smile once your teeth are straight and even. There are a variety of retainers to suit your lifestyle.


 Do I have to change dentists for my routine care?

No, you can maintain your dental care with your regular dentist.


 How much does  Six Month Smiles  cost?

A typical range may be between £1800 and £2800 or less if there is mild crowding.  Fees vary according to the complexity of tooth movements required since everyone is different.  We will offer a quotation at your initial free consultation if you are suitable for Six Month Smiles treatment.


Can I Pay Monthly

Yes. Our Monthly Payment Plans  are very popular. 0% APR over 12 months with  no interest to pay.

Low Cost Loans are also available  to spread the cost of payments between 1 and 5 years.


Advantages of  Monthly Payments

.You select the monthly payment which affordable to you. Set your own budget.

.Treatment can start as soon as the facility is approved

.Your monthly payments remain the same

.You can pay off your loan early if you choose

.Simple application process and quick processing time.


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