The Advantages of 6 Month Braces

It is generally accepted that crooked and overlapping teeth are best treated with orthodontic braces. However, adults have 3 main concerns with traditional braces. First, they do not generally want to remain in braces for 2 or 3 years. Secondly, the thought of extractions is not appealing, and thirdly the prospect of a metal mouth can be a put off.Whilst we agree that long term braces may yield a more perfect result, adults are often pragmatic and are not seeking absolute perfection, if indeed that exists.

A typical scenario would be an adult in their 20’s to 50’s who is uncomfortable with the appearance of their front teeth which show. They could be twisted, overlapped or have gaps between the teeth.

6 Month Braces will treat their main concern in an average time of only 6 Months, therefore reducing  the time in braces substantially.

Extractions are very rare and in my cases, only around 5% of patients require a single tooth to be removed to create enough space for straightening.

The braces themselves are tooth coloured and thus very discrete. Adults appreciate how good they look.

Dr Nick Simon is the first dentist in London to apply the 6 Month brace system to straighten teeth. He provides free consultations Monday to Saturday. If you are interested in learning how 6 Month Braces could help you achieve a great smile, call us on 0208 567 2235.

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