Six Month Braces. Why we rarely extract teeth.

Teeth are seldom extracted during six month brace treatment.

One of the differences between conventional orthodontic treatment and six month braces is the duration of treatment. Conventional treatment will often take 18 months to 3 years  ( or longer ) to complete a course of tooth straightening. There is no doubt that long term orthodontics will give a perfect result, but increasingly adults are looking for less time in braces and do  not wish to have a ‘metal mouth’ during the process.

Another difference between the two is that teeth are often scheduled for extraction during conventional  orthodontics, but this is rare during six month braces. Perhaps only 5% of cases treated in the short term require teeth to be removed. Where this is necessary, patients can readily see that very overcrowded mouths require some space to be created in order to straighten out the teeth.

Conventional orthodontics will often require the removal of up to 4 teeth, the first premolars.  Yet for six month smiles, the most common number is a single tooth.

The latest nickel-titanium wires which move the teeth are  tooth coloured and are low force. This means they work gently and  quickly to relieve crowding and produce straight, nicely aligned teeth. For most treatments, sufficient space  can be achieved with some gentle polishing between the teeth which will allow them to move quickly.  This means that teeth are removed only 5% of the time.

Dr Nick Simon is the first six month braces London dentist. Six Month brace Consultations are free and can be made Monday to Saturday by calling 020 8567 2235.

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