6 Month Braces in London, a clear solution for crowded teeth

Say goodbye to metal train tracks and welcome the new 6 month  brace tooth coloured braces.

There is no doubt that moving from crooked teeth to straight smiles can have a dramatic positive change on our appearance  see our unique  6 Month Brace gallery.  The  options in straightening our teeth are well known. Either we drill our teeth into position and fit crowns or veneers, or we move the teeth into a more harmonious position.

It is generally accepted that moving teeth is a better option than drilling them. However, in the past, adults have been reluctant to embark on a course of orthodontic brace treatment.  The reasons given for this have included the long treatment times and the appearance of metal braces. Yet moving teeth instead of drilling them is likely to be a cheaper option, especially when you take into account the long term maintenance and replacement costs of crowns and veneers. In addition there is universal agreement that moving teeth is a healthier option compared with drilling them into shape.

The 6 Month braces overcome the two main objections that adults have.  Firstly, the average treatment time is only 6 months which favours extremely  well in comparison to traditional orthodontics  or aligner therapy which can take between 18 months and 3 years to complete. Secondly, the braces are clear and barely noticeable. There is no more metal mouth.

Adults appreciate they can have straight teeth in a reasonable time and look good during the process. Why is the 6 Month brace treatment fast?  By concentrating on the teeth that show and the use of  shape memory nickel titanium wires  fast treatment times are possible.

The treatment is suitable for adults who do not wish to embark on a traditional course of braces and instead wish a cosmetic solution. It is popular with people who have upcoming weddings and wish to look good in the photographs. Of course a great smile is to be enjoyed long after the wedding and has significant benefits. There is an amazing  increase in self confidence that is derived from straight teeth  and from being complimented on a great smile. This has a positive influence on social and work situations.

Dr Nick Simon is the first 6 month smile  London dentist. 6 Month Braces Consultations are free and available Monday to Saturday. To find out more, call 020 8567 2235 and take your first steps towards a great smile.



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