Month: November 2016

Straight Teeth – Not Just About Looking Good!

A look at some of the less obvious advantages of having straight teeth. Whilst most patients who come to our Ealing practice for dental braces probably do so because they are unhappy about the appearance of their teeth, there are

‘Invisible’ And Fast Teeth Straightening

How our discreet teeth straightening system offers advantages for our London patients. It used to be the case that having teeth straightened involved the use of unsightly metal braces. Unfortunately, this often lead to people opting to allow their teeth

Keeping Your Six Month Braces Clean

Some useful tips on oral hygiene whilst wearing fast acting braces. Patients who visit Dr Nick Simon to have their teeth straightened, do so for largely aesthetic reasons, i.e. because they want to look their best and have a great

The Beauty Of A New Smile In Six Months Or Less

Patients from across London can benefit from this fast acting braces procedure. Having teeth straightened can be a lengthy process. As you might expect with such a procedure, it’s necessary to do it gently to avoid damage to the teeth