Closing Gaps with Dental Braces

Closing gaps with Dental Braces in London

After Dental Braces, by Dr Nick Simon

Londoners who seek treatment to close gaps between their teeth have several options.

Many people are conscious about the spaces between their teeth and don’t like how they look and are seeking ways of closing the gaps

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Dental Brace Options in Ealing, London

Orthodontic Brace Options are explained.

For People who come to see us to have their teeth straightened in Ealing, a variety of brace appliances are available. Generally, people come to see us to straighten crowded and twisted teeth, or to close gaps.

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Why Put Up With Crooked Teeth?

Dr Nick Simon explains why you don’t need to….

One of the reasons why many people tend to tolerate their uneven teeth is the thought that, to correct them, they will need to wear unsightly dental braces for a long period of time, with all the discomfort and embarrassment that this approach can bring.

Whilst conventional metal braces are certainly one option, given a choice, it is not one that most people would go for. Here at Straight White Teeth London, we are pleased to offer our patients exactly that choice.

Fast acting braces

Instead of having to wear highly visible braces that are made from metal, we can offer patients modern, near-invisible braces that can straighten your teeth in six months, or even less. The use of modern manufacturing materials means that the wires are finer and the brackets smaller than conventional braces. This helps them to achieve a level of comfort that regular dental braces often can’t. In addition to this, both the wires and brackets are made from tooth-coloured materials that make them almost invisible unless you look really closely. This eliminates one of the main reasons that people typically offer for not having their teeth straightened.

Six Month Braces

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Gentle Teeth Straightening in London

Gentler braces for comfortable, straighter teeth.

Many people’s reluctance to wear dental braces lies in the ‘visibility’ factor; however as we have mentioned in previous posts, the Six Month Braces that we use are made using tooth-coloured materials which makes the braces barely noticeable. The other concern that some people have is that their braces may feel uncomfortable, so we will try to address this in today’s blog.

There is good news for anyone seeking to have six month braces in London. These modern orthodontics are not only designed to be very discreet, but they also use a comfortably low but effective force to move the teeth into position. This constant, low pressure on the teeth encourages them to move towards the desired position with the minimum risk of discomfort or damage to the teeth.

Dr Nick Simon

Dr Nick Simon of Straight White Teeth London, is very experienced in fitting this popular dental brace and was the very first dentist in London to offer them. His experience means that you can be assured of only the best treatment when you become a patient of our West Ealing Dental Practice. We will always take the time to discuss with our patients what their aims are and of course we are happy to answer any questions that they may have.

Initial fitting

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A New Smile To Be Proud Of

Having teeth straightened at our Ealing practice with 6 Month Braces can really boost your confidence!

Confidence can be an important factor in being successful. This applies to many areas of our life, whether relationships, career, or any area of our life in which we wish to succeed. Whilst other factors, such as skills and experience are also important in our work for example, it is surprising how far an attractive, friendly smile can take you.

Studies have shown that people are attracted to a warm smile, and having attractive even teeth will certainly make you more confident about revealing yours. Dr Nick Simon, at his Ealing dental practice, has straightened the teeth of many patients with great success, using a procedure that takes just six months on average; much less than some orthodontic methods.

Cosmetic improvements

Whilst many orthodontic appliances focus on straightening all teeth, including the less visible rear teeth, the six month brace system used by Dr Simon focuses just on those teeth that we reveal when we smile. By doing so, teeth can be straightened in six months, or even less where the problem is relatively minor. In addition to the short period of time that it takes to straighten the teeth, the orthodontic system uses almost invisible wiring and brackets to re-position your teeth, meaning that many people may not even notice that you are wearing braces.

Caring for your teeth

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Do You Feel Uncomfortable About Smiling?

Dr Nick Simon discusses reasons why you should consider orthodontic treatment.

When you first meet someone new, what is the first thing that you notice about them? At a distance it may be their clothes, but, once close up, it is almost certain that the first thing you will look at is their smile.

Whilst language and other aspects of culture may change around the world, a smile means the same thing everywhere. Being greeted with a warm and sincere smile is a sign that the person is friendly and welcoming and invites conversation, and, potentially, a future friendship or good working relationship.

A crooked smile

Whilst we may wish to offer a warm and friendly smile when we meet new people, if our teeth are crooked and uneven, we may feel embarrassed about how our smile looks and may even avoid social situations to avoid having to do so. Over the years, by avoiding these situations, we may miss out on many opportunities that could change our life for the better.

This does not have to be the case, and whilst many adults are understandably reluctant to wear corrective dental braces for two or three years in order to straighten their teeth, a system available at Straight White Teeth London is now able to achieve the same visual results in six months or even less.

Braces with quick results

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Smile like the Celebrities!

Have you ever wondered why celebrities have great smiles?

As ‘mere mortals’ we are sometimes perhaps just a little jealous of how celebrities always seem to have great looking teeth.

With just a few exceptions, it is true to say that most film stars and other celebrities seem to have that ‘Hollywood Smile’.

The reality, of course, is that these smile do not happen naturally in most cases, and a lot of work will have gone into creating the smiles that you see on TV and the big screen.

A little history

Cosmetic dentistry originated largely because of Hollywood. Imagine the old Hollywood stars, most of whom then also smoked, and quite possibly very heavily, being filmed for a close up where they have to smile. This created a problem as, in many cases, this simply magnified very crooked and stained teeth….. not a great look. Whilst some of the treatments used to rectify this problem were perhaps a little crude, it did open the way for dental professionals to work towards more sophisticated cosmetic dental treatments, which is where we are today.

Even teeth

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Aftercare Of Your New Straight Teeth

Investing a little time in your new smile is well worthwhile!

At Straight White Teeth London, we offer patients an excellent method of achieving beautiful, even teeth in a short period of time. Whilst some orthodontic systems can take over a year to work, Dr Nick Simon is able to provide fast acting orthodontics which take on average, just six months to achieve a great looking smile.

But having achieved this new attractive smile, it makes sense to take good care of your teeth in order to gain the maximum benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the basics in today’s blog:


As with all orthodontic procedures; once completed, it is necessary to wear a retainer to prevent your teeth from gradually moving back into the old positions. All the time, money and effort that you have put into your new smile will gradually be wasted if you do not wear one. Our London teeth straightening dentist will offer advice on the wide range of retainers that we have available at our West Ealing dental practice and also how to use them.

Oral hygiene

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Straighter Teeth Without Extractions

Pain-Free Treatment At Straight White Teeth London!

Whilst there are many people who would like to have straighter teeth; a number of factors may well deter them from doing so. Unsightly braces, long treatment periods and potential extractions to achieve their aims, rank amongst the reasons given.

At our West Ealing dental practice, Dr Nick Simon is able to straighten teeth whilst avoiding many of the above problems that so many people fear.

Discreet braces

The Six Month Braces that we use at our practice are much more discreet than the conventional metal braces that many of you will be familiar with. Whilst they do still use a system of brackets and wires, these are made from much finer materials that are produced in a shade that matches your teeth. With these innovations, wearing braces no longer means that you will have a mouth full of metal wires that are easily seen. This discreet system allows you to achieve your aims without it being obvious that you are wearing braces.

Fast acting

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A Great Smile For Next Summer

Planning ahead to look your best for your summer holidays

Although everybody’s attention is currently on the Christmas festivities ahead, it won’t be long before they are over and we are into the new year when many of us will be turning our thoughts to where we are going for our summer holidays.

The allure of a warm climate is especially appealing in the grey of a British January and is a good time to start to plan ahead. Once a destination is decided, the planning can start .. perhaps including an attempt to learn some of the language, but also, for many people, how they can look at their best by the time the holiday comes around.

A great smile

Whilst many people will head to the gym or tanning salons, it is also a good time to consider having your teeth straightened. As a teeth straightening procedure is a gradual process and the earlier that you consider this, the better. At Straight White Teeth London, we have a range of orthodontic systems which allow us to straighten your teeth in just six months, or even less. These cosmetic braces work by focussing on the visible front teeth only, rather than the rear teeth which are harder to move and therefore take longer.

Dr Nick Simon has many years experience of creating a great smile for patients using these revolutionary modern braces – and the added benefit is that they usually don’t require extractions to work!

Early planning

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