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Not feeling confident about your smile?

Do you hold back your smile or feel unconfident around people because of your teeth? If you can relate to this, then I’d like to help you.

If you have confidence issues with your smile, it can be damaging to numerous areas of your life – whether that’s finding a partner, excelling in your work life or meeting new people.

But here’s the truth; the dream of a straight white smile that you’ve always thought about, could be just six months away.

Here’s what ‘Six Month Braces’ can do for you

  • You only have to wear a discreet tooth-coloured brace that’s barely visible – no need for painful surgery
  • The treatment takes just six months on average, rather than the industry-average of eighteen months
  • It’s affordable – with treatment starting from just £1,800 and Monthly Finance options including 0% APR available
  • No extractions, teeth are not removed

If you want straight white teeth, with a pain-free treatment, in just an average time of six-months, without extractions – then Dr Nick Simon’s incredible ‘Six Month Braces’ could be right for you.

Before treatment
After treatment

MORE of our Success Stories

Here are just a few of Dr Nick’s stunning transformations (click + to see before and after)

What our patients say

Dear Nick I’d like to say thank you so much for the excellent work you have done with my “Six Month Braces”. The results are fantastic & its’s without a doubt money well spent as it has had a tremendous positive impact on the way I live my life. I can’t stop grinning! Thanks again to you and your team

Dentist Nick Simon

Who’s Dr Nick Simon?

He was the UK's First 6 Month Braces dentist and is a widely recognised figure in dentistry. Both highly skilled and accredited, he is a former lecturer for the IAS Academy, Cfast and former Mentor for Six Month Smiles™ .

He sat on the board of directors for the European Society of Aesthetic Orthodontics and is now working full time in West London creating dream smiles for his patients.

More about Dr Nick Simon

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5 Star Google Reviews
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Customer Testimonials

6 Month Brace treatment worked miracles. I can't believe how overlapping and twisted my teeth were to start with. Now I can smile with real confidence and no longer hide behind my smile.

Customer Testimonials

I am currently undergoing treatment with Nick Simon and The Six Month Braces and I can already say how thrilled I am with the results I am seeing!

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